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All members must abide by the following rules, and by signing up to this forum you agree to comply with these rules and the moderation and administration of this forum. Therefore, in the event of rule breakage you are subject to forum sanctions. These rules apply to ALL MEMBERS equally, including staff. Those who break them will be punished by a temporary ban, the length of which will be decided by moderator and administrator discretion, but permanent bans are unconstitutional. Moderators and administrators may give members up to two warnings before a ban is implemented, but this is not compulsory nor are mods and admins obligated to do so - this is also under mod and admin discretion.

The following are prohibited:

1. Spam
2. Bullying
3. Violence and abuse (verbal, sexual or inciting physical)
4. Sexual explicitness
5. Swearing and inappropriate talk
6. Advertising external websites or products outside of the appropriate section (The Lounge), and discussing subjects in the inappropriate section
7. Creating threads and/or sections that oppress freedom of expres​sion(e.g. 'Appreciation threads' designed to only compliment a politician or celebrity, for example, and disallow criticism)
8. Trolling
9. BE KIND AND RESPECTFUL towards other members and staff. By no means do you have to agree, but disagree respectfully, kindly and gently. Freedom of expression is our most prized value here, but if in disagreements members become abusive, we will not be lenient nor tolerant towards this. This is THE GOLDEN RULE of the forum!

Regulations regarding political party sections:

A party will be deemed worthy of its own section if it passes any of these tests:
1) More than 10 seats in the House of Commons
2) Over 3% of the national share of the vote

All members are bound to these rules, and by registering and posting on this forum you agree to adhere and conform to them completely. Thank you for reading. Happy posting!
Very Happy

Kind regards,
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"For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek."

~ Romans 1:16 Very Happy

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